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MaryEllen Locher Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert Featuring Randy Owen & Friends

Date:   November 15, 2012

Place:  Historic Tivoli Theater

Time:   Pre-party " 6:00 to 7:15 " Tivoli Rehearsal Hall
           Pink Carpet Arrivals"6:45 to 7:15
           Concert " 7:30

Sponsorship Opportunities:  Call 423-490-4555 or 423-488-9784

Individual Tickets: $50 available at the Tivoli Box Office

Theme:  Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the MaryEllen Locher Foundation, dedicated to helping families impacted by breast cancer through college scholarships and awareness projects.  This concert is to also encourage and honor these families by celebrating them like the stars they are in our community. This event will have the atmosphere ofHollywood glam combined with an intimate concertfeaturing legendary country recording artist Randy Owen along with some of his friends.

Media Sponsors:  US101; WUUY; NewsChannel 9; Chattanooga Times Free Press; Fairway Outdoor; Comcast

Background:  MaryEllen Locher Foundation, a national scholarship fund established in 2002 by beloved local new anchor MaryEllenLocher who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and worried about her own child's future. MaryEllenLocher Foundation provides scholarships for secondary education to children who have lost a parent to breast cancer and children of breast cancer survivors.
The purpose of the event to be held November 15 to celebrate the Foundations tenth anniversary, Celebrate the Victory of Breast Cancer survivors and to honor those who have lost the battle, recognize families who have received scholarships and to raise breast cancer awareness.

This event will be a major media event in the Chattanooga area with US101, Comcast, Chattanooga Times Free Press and WTVC NewsChannel 9 committed to promoting and supporting the event to the fullest.         

We hope to bring a night of Hollywood glamour to the stars we honor that night.  There will be a pre-party before the concert to celebrate survivors, recipients and other VIPs.Tickets to the pre-party event is limited to sponsors and breast cancer survivors.  Guest at the pre-party will be picked up taken to the front of the theater for a pink carpet VIP arrival complete with pink carpet, paparazzis, US101 remote, local TV station coverage, and sign their name on a star walk.  Breast cancer survivors will be given pink roses upon their VIP arrival.  We want to make these families that have been impacted by breast cancer feel like the rock stars they are for the night.  

One of the many highlight of the night will be the award of a scholarship during the concert to surprise a local student and their family.

The night will feature country music legend Randy Owen and some of his friends.  For over 25 years Randy was the front man and lead vocalist of one of the most prolific groups in the history of music.  The band Alabama had 21 gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums, 43 number one singles and received over 150 industry awards including eight country music Entertainer of the Year honors, two Grammys, two Peoples Choice Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Randy received Country Musics highest honor, being inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame.  Randy released his solo debut One on One in late 2008 and charted two singles from it.  In July, 2012 Randy took over hosting duties for Country Gold, the Saturday night classic country request program.

Randy has a passion for helping others.  He has played an integral role in raising millions of dollars for schools, public service organizations, hospitals, youth ranches, scholarships and tornado relief.  He has been a very big supporter of St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, along with being instrumental in the formation of Country Cares for St. Jude Kids where he was honored with the prestigious Founders award.    Randy has also served as an Advisory Board Member of the MaryEllenLocher Foundation since 2005. 

When not on the road promoting his music career, Randy can be found operating his successful working cattle ranch Tennessee River Music on the founds of his Lookout Mountain boyhood family farm.  Tennessee River Music has garnered many national, regional and state championships.

WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: NewsChannel9 Sponsored Events - MaryEllen Locher Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert Featuring Randy Owen & Friends

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