Tonight:  Cloudy with some rain possible late.  An overnight low in the upper 30s.  The rain could fall as a light wintry mix at higher elevations and north during the overnight hours.  Rainfall amounts should be light.

Saturday:  Some light rain ... More...
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EPB FiberOptic Game of the Week, Friday, October 4

Don't miss this week's showdown as the East Ridge Pioneers visit the Hixson Wildcats.  Jim Reynolds and Dave Staley bring you all the EPB FiberOptic Game of the Week action.  The pre-game show starts at 7:00pm and kickoff is at 7:30pm on ThisTV.  ThisTV is available over-the-air on digital channel 9.2, Channel 169 on EPB FiberOptics, Channel 208 on Comcast, Channel 174 on Charter, Channel 157 on Dalton Utilities, and Channel 41 on Bledsoe Telephone.

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