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I-24 @ Georgia state line I-24 @ Welcome Center I-24 @ West of Cummings Road TDOT Traffic Cameras - I-24 @ Cummings Rd I-24 @ Cummings Highway I-24 East of Cummings Highway I-24 @ Browns Ferry I-24 East of Browns Ferry I-24 West of Lookout Creek I-24 @ Moccasin Bend I-24 East of Moccasin Bend I-24/US-27 Junction I-24 East of Market Street I-24 @ Rossville Boulevard I-24 @ Westside Drive I-24 @ Old Ringgold Road I-24 West of Seminole Drive I-24 @ Seminole Drive I-24 @ Germantown Road I-24 @ Moore Road I-24 @ Mcbrien Road I-24 @ Spring Creek Road US 27 West of Main Street US 27 West of Martin Luther King US 27 @ Fourth Street US 27 @ Manufacturers Road US 27 @ Whitehall Road US 27 South of Signal Mtn Road US 27 North of Signal Mtn Road US 27 South of Morrison Springs US 27 @ Morrison Springs Road I-75 @ Ringgold Road I-75/I-24 Junction (Gore) I-75/I-24 Junction (Split) I-75/I-24 Junction (Turnaround) I-75 South of East Brainerd Rd I-75 @ East Brainerd Road I-75/SR-153 Junction I-75 @ Franks Road I-75 @ Shallowford Road I-75 @ Standifer Gap Road
 I-75 @ Bonny Oaks Drive I-75 North of Bonny Oaks Drive I-75 @ Volkswagen Drive I-75 North of Volkswagen Drive I-75 South of Ooltewah exit I-75 @ Ooltewah exit I-75 North of Ooltewah exit I-75 @ South of White Oak I-75 @ Turnaround SR-153/I-75 Junction SR-153 @ Lee Highway SR-153 @ Airport/Shepherd Rd SR-153 @ Shallowford Road SR-153 @ Jersey Pike SR-153 @ Bonny Oaks Drive SR-153 @ Highway 58 SR-153 @ Amnicola Highway SR-153 South of Chickamauga Dam SR-153 North of Chickamauga Dam SR-153 South of Dupont Parkway SR-153 @ Dupont Parkway
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Coming Soon!

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WTVC NewsChannel 9 is helping you steer clear of traffic jams in the Chattanooga area. Check here for a real-time traffic map showing congestion levels on I-24, I-75, Hwy. 153 and other major Chattanooga thoroughfares. You can also find information on reported accidents, roadwork and road closures on this page. The traffic cameras on this page give you a bird’s-eye view on what the traffic looks like around the Chattanooga area. Traffic report service provided by


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